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An active performer and collaborator, Dr. Bernardo Scarambone has appeared in concerts and festivals in his native Brazil, as well as in Italy, Germany, Austria, and all around the United States of America. As professor and director of the keyboard division at Eastern Kentucky University he maintains not only his active career as a performer, but as a teacher, adjudicator and researcher.
His research areas include early repertoire for the piano, entrepreneurial career options for musicians, preparing the music student to face the job market, and community engagement. His students have won numerous prizes in state and national competitions, and are always involved in community engagement projects.
Dr. Scarambone’s personal contact with the Brazilian composer Marlos Nobre was a crucial element of the completion of one of the most comprehensive studies of the composer’s piano works and detailed biography in his book The Piano Works of Brazilian Composer Marlos Nobre.
Another significant scholarly works is the recent performance edition of the first composition for the piano – 12 Sonatas by Ludovico Giustini. This edition is the first of its kind and was published in 2018 for the modern piano. In addition, Dr. Scarambone recently released a triple CD containing all Giustini’s Sonatas, marking the first complete recordings of this repertoire in a modern piano.
Dr. Scarambone developed a successful curriculum of teaching Class Piano that includes an entire module dedicated to improvisation and exploring students’ creativity, as well as developed an international online collaboration program for students to play chamber music in times of a global pandemic.
Always involved in professional music organizations and conferences, Dr. Scarambone earned a Doctoral Degree in piano performance from the University of Houston, a Master’s degree in Studio Teaching/Piano Performance from Indiana University, and a Bachelor Degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, his home city in Brazil. 

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