Miguel Angel Scebba

Universidad Nacional de San Juan - Argentina

Miguel Angel Scebba

"The Argentinean Miguel Angel Scebba should be given an outstanding position within the category of the greatest pianists"
Südwest Presse (Germany)

"His colorful performance, temperamental, meaningful, captivates for its sincerity and plainness. All these valuable aptitudes allow him, no doubt, to deserve prominent place among the piano performers"
Vladimir Nilsen (Leningrad)

"Admired virtuosity of Scebba...not only his technique is perfect, but also
dolcissimo of a very refined pianism...sound virtuosity..."
Messaggero – Venice (Italy)

"Fascinating Sense of Form: intense musicality, exuberant technique, piercing rhythm and neverfaling sense of color. The deep sense of shape is a dominant trait of his personality. Scebba, a pianist that really has something to say".
Südwest Presse (Germany)
“Scebba showed us a magnificent unity of brilliant Italian virtuosity and Germanic sense of form.” Musika Viva (Sofia –Bulgary)
That’s how the specialized critics express about Miguel Angel Scebba’s performance during his extensive tours that have already taken him to over fifteen countries in the world.
This italian-argentin pianist, who was born in Buenos Aires, was initially formed in Argentina, with her father in violin and the slovenian professor Anton Soler Biljenski in piano, but it was definitely after studying for several years in Ucraine and Russia, that he became an outstanding representative of the slavian tradition among the Latin American pianists. 
He studied firstly in the Tchaikowsky Conservatory of Kiev, with Professor Valery Sagaidatchniy. During his staying at Kiev’s Conservatory he met the great master Professor Vladimir Nilsen, who invited him to St. Petersbourg, where he spended two years working under the guidance of this master in the Rimsky Conservatory. Finally in the Tchaikowsky Conservatory of Moscow he spended two years working under the guidance of the renowned Professor Vladimir Natanson.
Miguel Angel Scebba is constantly being invited to perform in concerts as a soloist and recitals in Europe and America, and he is one of the rare Latin American pianists that made several tours along the formed USSR, whose audience and critics are of an outstanding artistry.
In the present he is invited in Russia very often, where he is very popular in the musical circles of many cities such as St. Petersburg, Moscou, Yekaterinburg, Kirov, Kazan, Sinferopol, Sevastopol, Chelyabinsk, etc. In addition to giving concerts he is also invited as a jury member in piano competitions and as a teacher. He has recently visited Donetsk, where he has given a concert and masterclasses.
Miguel Angel Scebba has a vast repertoire, from the Baroque to the present day, with a predilection for romanticism and russian music, over forty concertos with orchestra and has given integral cycles of the Beethoven’s sonatas.
He is also often being invited to give master classes in many important music schools around the world, such as Music Academy of Sofia, Miami University, Instituto Superior de Arte of La Habana (Cuba), as well as many Universities of Latin America. He has recorded several CDs on various labels in Brazil, Argentina and Italy, with works by Liszt, Schumann, Ginastera, Debussy, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and own camera works.
Scebba is also a prolific composer. His eight Symphonies were premiered in concerts with diferents orchestras in Argentine, where he is full profesor at the University of San Juan. His work includes Concerti, chamber music, works for organ, voice and solo piano. He studied composition since he was nine years old, in Buenos Aires,with the italian composer Alfredo Schiuma. Years later in Ucraine, at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Kiev (State Music Academie), he was a pupil of Professor Liev Kolodub, and in Moscow he had lessons with Aram Khachaturian. When he was only 16 years of age, he won the 1st prize in the National Compositions Contest in Buenos Aires with his “Sinfonia de los Andes”. He received the FUNARTE AWARD (National Foundation of Fine Arts of Brazil) for his “Concert for Orchestra” in Rio de Janeiro in 1983.

• LP - Schumann – Debussy – Ginastera “Con Anima” – São Paulo, Brasil 1889.
• CD - LISZT, Sonata in B minor… AM (Argentina Musical) Buenos Aires (1997)
• CD - SHYLOCK – Scebba’s works (Trio, Quintet...). UNSJ – 2003
• CD – Chopin – Sonata op. 35: 12 Études op. 25 – “Cosentino” – Bs. As.
• CD - Tchaikowsky – The Seasons, Nocturne, Variations op. 19 – M.A.P. Milan - Italy (2013).
• CD - Tchaikowsky – The Seasons, Nocturne, Variations op. 19 – Cut Records Milan - Italy (2014)
• CD – Rachmaninoff – Sonatas 1 & 2 - Cut Records Milan - Italy