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Gabriel Rebolla

Temple University

Pianist - Opera Coach
Gabriel Rebolla

Originally from Campinas (Brazil), Gabriel Rebolla has a career as a soloist, piano professor, collaborative pianist and Opera Coach performing in many concert halls throughout Brazil, Italy and United States. Today Mr. Rebolla is a permanent resident in Philadelphia (US).

He works as faculty of Temple University voice and Opera department, music director and organist of St Peter`s Lutheran Church in Chester Springs and piano professor at Philly Music Lesson. Mr. Rebolla has played with important conductors such as Karl Martin, Ted Murray, Paul Rardin, Lance Inouye, Peter Marshall, Carlos Fiorini, Vasti Atique, Hermes Coelho and Eduardo Ostergreen performing together with several orchestras for example Campinas Symphony Orchestra (Brazil), Ars Musicales Orchestra (Sao Paulo), Unicamp Symphonic Orchestra (Brazil) and Camerata ProMusic (Brazil).

As an opera coach Mr Rebolla worked for some important opera companies and educational programs such as “La Musica Lirica” (Italy), Fio Américas (Brazil/Italy), Russian Opera Workshop at Academy of Vocal Arts (AVAPhiladelphia) “La Boheme” (New Jersey), “Libera Opera” (Philadelphia), “Fringe Opera festival” (Philadelphia), Abal _ Association of Lyrics Artists (Brazil) and Delaware Valley Opera Company. Mr. Rebolla also worked as an accompanist of several choruses Some of them are Canarinhos da Terra (Brazil), Philadelphia Gay Men Chorus, Lucent Technology Choir (Brazil), Temple University Chorale and Thomas Jefferson University Choir. As a soloist pianist, Mr Rebolla has received some national and international awards such as the Stegner Scholarship for best pianist at Georgia State University in 2008-2009, and Cadenza Piano Competition in Bauru in 2004 where he also received an award for best interpretation of Brazilian music

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